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LEGO 365 Things To Do with LEGO Bricks
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Product SKU LB665
Brand Dorling Kindersley
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Format: Hardcover

Dimension: 28.2cm x 23.6cm

Age: 6+


Featuring imaginative play and building ideas, from LEGO games that take just a few minutes and require a handful of bricks, to inspirational build ideas and activities to keep you occupied for hours. 365 Things to Do with LEGO® Bricks is packed with fun and quirky activities, such as: build your own LEGO pet; challenge your friends to make the tallest LEGO tower against the clock; and learn how to make a stop-motion LEGO movie. 365 Things to Do with LEGO® Bricks includes a countdown timer and activity selector, allowing you to choose an activity at random, to time your activities and to race against the clock. Packed with 365 LEGO activities you'll be inspired all year round.

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