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Mideer Science Talent
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Suitable for 6+


25 Selected Experiments
Manual X 1
Experimental Kit X 18
Tool Kit X 4
Pigment X 1
Tray X 1


List of Experiments:
1. Put out fire from a distance
2. Making water spirit
3. Waterproof coating
4. Iron Tree in bloom
5. Wordless book
6. The candle attracts the water
7. Diffusion phenomenon
8. Rainbow in the water
9. Liquid layering
10. Oxidized apple
11.The bottle blows the balloon
12. Colorful Raindrops
13.The inverted water
14.Artificial snow
15.Magic crystal
16.Magic water purification
17.Magic color-changing
18.Underwater world
19.Milk animation
20.Elusive candle
21.Homemade thermometer
22.Diving Ping-pong ball
23.Colorful fountain
24.Volcanic eruptions
25.Suspended egg

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